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MINDFUL BODY Cardio is a shorter and cardio based version of our original Mindful Body class. 50 min to sweat, breathe, release and reconnect

Mindful Body Cardio

Mindful Body RESTORE

Mindful Body RESTORE is a 60 min. less sweat option of Mindful Body by Verena. It combines Superhero pose, positive affirmations with soft movement, deep relaxation and restorative yoga elements


Mindful Body combines the positive aspects of yoga such as balance, strength, flexibility and meditation. With exercises that help tighten the body, define our muscles, allow us to sweat and become a leaner overall self

Yoga Classes

The Morning Yoga classes are designed to wake up and energize the entire body. You’ll move through energizing vinyasa flows, full-body stretches and invigorating twists.

Morning Yoga

Yoga therapy

You already have experience with yoga, master the most common asanas and are ready to get more out of your practice? YOGA THERAPY is the science of (re-)creating well-being.

Yoga Stretching

In this class you get a total head-to-toe body stretch, you will calm down, reduce stress and relax. During 60 minutes we will improve your range of motion and work on lengthening and flexibility. All levels welcome.

Toning Classes

The optimal full-body workout for beginners and advanced. Get in shape, from head to toe with light but effective exercises without equipment. Your body will become firm, tight and fit all around 360 °

Body shape


Body Centering Pilates, a contemporary pilates format by Mag. Julia Kohout. This class is focused on an intense training of deep physical structures, a strong core, a stable and flexible body centre

Barre mat

The Barre Mat no equipment class begins with a warm up of low impact Cardio movements. The focus then moves to the upper body, the lower body and the abdominals. Lastly, the class ends with a gentle stretch
The Barre class integrates fat burning and interval training with small isometric movements that lift, sculpt and tone. You will learn to work from your abs as well as elongate your muscles while stretching


Mindfulness Classes

gong bath

Gong meditation is a unique type of sound practice that involves using therapeutic gong sounds and vibrations to bring about healing. This practice is also sometimes referred to as a “gong bath”


Breathwork is an active meditation technique in which the breath frees the body & mind of emotional gunk, it facilitates the release of strong emotions such as anger and grief. This makes you feel softer and more open