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Our Team

Zisana Mirzoev
Studio owner, Gong Bath Meditation, Aroma therapy testing
Background: I was never into sports. But after I gave birth to my second child, I found a way to become strong and lean, and happy in my daily life. I started training pilates with machines. A few years later, after my third child, I was introduced to Gyrotonic, which was the best and closest I got to do „sport“. And when I started to do yoga, I knew I had a mission. To share all of these aspects with the people that still look for that something. Something that gives you „sunshine“ when it‘s raining outside. I wanted to have a place, where you feel home, but will be taken care of. A place where you can just be as you are. A place to be happy.

Training: Gyrotonic, Pilates, Yoga, MINDFUL BODY, Barre...I like the combination because I know how each training forms my body. But I decide which I need more, or less by feeling and asking my body.

Favourite food: In the morning I make green smoothies for my family. And during the day I try to eat clean and fresh food. But sometimes it can also be Pizza or Sushi. I really love to eat. So I‘m not always too strict with myself..

Current Mantra: Believe in yourself.
Studio Owner, Founder of MINDFUL BODY, Health Coach, Hatha Yoga
Background: Movement & a healthy lifestyle was always a big part of my life. While I studied and worked as a fashion & interior designer, the feeling that something is missing never let me go. So I found my way back into health & wellbeing. As a certified Health Coach, Mindful Body Trainer and yoga teacher, it is my mission, to help you feel empowered to reach your wellness goals and feel great in your body.

Training: Health Coaching because it is my passion to help everyone live a healthier happier life. Mindful Body because it is exactly what I need in my everyday life. Yoga, because Yoga!

Favourite food: Oh my god there are so many :) I love fresh organic bowls - in every possible way - lots of vegetables & fruits topped with protein like salmon and healthy fats as avocado or nuts & seeds.

Current Mantra: Happiness starts with me. I am the creator of my mind. What I give power to, has power over me.
Founding Teacher of MINDFUL BODY, Hatha Yoga, Ashtanga
Background: I´ve always loved to move my body as it helps me to get out of my head and reconnect with my intuition.Either going for a run, doing workout or just dancing helps me feel centered again. Through Yoga and meditation, I found a depth that I was searching for in my life, feeling at home the first time I stepped on my mat.
MINDFUL BODY was the missing link to bring it all together - my body, mind and heart.

Training: Teaching MB is my passion and I am doing it from my heart. To share this energy with like-minded people means a lot to me.

Favourite food: I love simple meals with high quality ingredients. However, I am addicted to fruits and chips. I could eat both all day long…

Current Mantra: Come back home to yourself, everything you are looking for is already inside you.
Classic Barre Technique, Barre & Stretching, Resonate Body Motion ©
Background: Since childhood I was into the performing arts and was active in dance and gymnastics. Later I switched to endurance training such as kickboxing and running. After developing some injuries at the age of 15, I was in Physical Therapy for some months and that is when I discovered the practice of muscle injury prevention through stretching. I studied anatomy and many other health sciences wanting to become a Physical Therapist. Although as I grew up I found the career not so exciting, therefore I switched to a Music Major in 2012. In 2016 I earned a Bachelors in Fine Arts and Liberal Sciences with a Major in Music and Sound Engineering from CUNY Sonic Arts.

Training: During my last year of University I enrolled into a Classic Barre Technique certification program by Carolyn McPherson in NYC. Shortly after I began to teach Barre at Pranavah Yoga LIC and Align Brooklyn. I moved to Vienna in June 2018 primarily for love and to continue to fulfill my mission as a musician, engineer, trainer, and sound therapy enthusiast. Since March 2019, I have hosted events internationally to showcase my method of sound and movement in a meditative and therapeutic state. Resonate Body Motion is a form of vibrational medicine that helps all aspects of your being - physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual.

Favourite food: I am Mexican and love to eat tacos, also Japanese cuisine!

Current Mantra: “Elevate your frequency, create your own tone and form!”
Vinyasa Yoga Flow, Yoga Basic, Yoga Stretching
Background: I used to be a competitive swimmer. As a teenager I became a dedicated partygirl and spent more time on the dancefloor than in the pool. During my studies of cultural and social anthropology, my physical practice on the yoga mat became my sanctuary. In 2013 I gave birth to my daughter, who happens to be my greatest teacher of all times.

Training: 200hr Yoga Basic, Yoga Alliance Certified (Summer 2017)
200hr Vinyasa Yoga Flow, Yoga Alliance Certified (Summer 2018)
200hr YogaWorks, Yoga Alliance Certified (Spring 2020)
I’m convinced that everyone is born with an inner drive and a natural curiosity of exploring. I believe in movement and in constant change; in energies, in joining forces and growth. All of that defines yoga to me.

Favourite food: Broccoli, avocado, olives, pumpkin seed oil always, all ways :) Medjool Dates.
Keeping up a plant-based diet makes me smile. I enjoy cooking on my own, I love to do it in company of close friends and family members. Its a beautiful way to reconnect, sharing inspirations and having a good qualitytime. So my favorite food derives from lovely interaction and synergy.

Current Mantra: In order to rise up, you need to root down!
NINA huber
Background: Movement means happiness. Movement means expression, shifting energy and activating my state of being. It’s the basic level of listening to and showing up for myself. Dancing and movement always played a big role in my childhood and youth until I started university where my priorities somehow shifted - always in the urge of moving I couldn’t find the right class for myself until I was introduced to MINDFUL BODY.

Training: Every movement that makes me happy. MINDFUL BODY connects them all, the fast, the slow, the strong, the soft and everything in between.

Favourite food: Everything out of potatoes, of course I am always in for an extra portion fries. Except that, everything with parsley and I always prioritize a good soup, no matter if it’s a classy veggie broth, dal or vietnamese pho.

Current Mantra: breath by breath, step by step
Gyrotonic, Gyrokinesis, Pilates, Yoga, Faszienyoga
Background: My background is diverse, but it has always been obvious that exercise was very important to me. At the age of 16 I found an old yoga book of my father and started to learn the asanas. In addition, I have lived out my urge to dance and in the theater and finally implemented professionally. Soon I started to teach dance, affirmed by my studies (special and curative education) and at the latest after a longer education in the field of dance education (Munich, Iwanson) I knew: I want to bring people closer to movement ...
Parallel to my work as a dance teacher, my interest in other forms of movement intensified, and so I became acquainted with movement techniques such as Pilates, Gyrotonic, Gyrokinesis, techniques that shape my work as a movement pedagogue.

Training: Yes, of course: Yoga, Dance, Pilates, Gyrokinesis or Gyrotonic - I stand behind all these wonderful forms of movement. But one thing is crucial to me, regardless of the technique of movement: every movement can be carried out in ways that help, or harm. That is why the quality of the execution and the awareness of the uniqueness of each person is in the foreground.

Favourite food: Oh, everything that does me good and tastes good!
Elisabeth Strutzmann
Yoga at all levels: Relax and Restore, Yin, Stretching, Hatha Yoga, Vinyasa Yoga, Dynamic Yoga, Power Yoga.
Background: I never found the perfect way of movement for me - until I found Yoga with all its facettes. I immediately fell in love with this kind of movement and all the philosophy and variety in the background. In combination with my education (PhD in pharmacy), I am now working on a holistic approach: yoga, mental development and the knowledge to treat your body well. In every class I want you to focus on yourself, be mindful upon yourself, to come out of your comfort zone and most importantly: to leave the class with a smile.

Training: Yoga teacher training 2018 (200 h Yoga Alliance certified), Yin Therapy training 2019 (30 h Yoga Alliance certified), trainings in Iyengar Yoga (Marrakesh) and Vinyasa Flow (Bali, Ubud & Canggu).

Favourite food: It's all about balance! One day pizza and pasta, the other day juice, ginger shots and avocado bread. But always: animals are friends, not food.

Current Mantra: Be wild at heart. As I am the most organised and top-heavy person, I always have to focus on my inner self: to allow myself and to be brave enough to react right out of the bottom of my heart without overthinking - always have been the best decisions!
Vera Polyanskaya
Hatha Yoga, Yoga for pregnant, Yoga-therapy
Background: I enjoy being a Yoga instructor for more than five years by now. In 2014 I finished my teacher training courses for Hatha-Yoga in one of the biggest Russian Yoga centers - Prana. In the next few years I studied practices of different Yoga masters from Russia, Ukraine, USA, Switzerland, Germany, and also Indian teachers as Dr. Madavan and Bal Mukhund Singh. Apart from Hatha Yoga, I am interested in breathing techniques (pranayama), mediation, concentration and spiritual aspects of Yoga, such as Raja Yoga (Yoga of mind). Having the masters degree in Biochemistry, I am currently deepening my knowledge in anatomy, Yoga-therapy, Yoga for children, Prenatal Yoga and the traditional Indian medicine – Ayurveda.

Training: For my classes I combine Hatha-Yoga asanas in dynamic (vinyasa) and static (power) forms with serious attention to the body position and breathing.

Favourite food: Ginger and beetroot :)

Current Mantra: I named my Yoga-concept as Virah Yoga, virah means 'hero' in Sanscrit. I try to help people to release their hidden potential. Therefore popular 'Per aspera ad astra!' („Trough hardships, to the stars!“) really fits to me!
Clara Gugerell
Background: As a kid I never liked doing sports. I always compared myself to others and felt bad because I wasn‘t as fast, tough, flexible... Therefore sports was something I forced myself to do rather than something I wanted to do.
When I moved to Vienna that didn’t change for 3 years. I always went to the gym because I was aware of the importance of physical exercise even if I didn’t like it that much. After a while a friend of mine convinced me to try Yoga once more - I had made a bad experience years before and never tried again.
There it was! I moved for myself. No comparing with others - no pressure.
With Yoga I was able to do that. I started to like to move my body.
Well and then another friend introduced me to Mindful Body.
Now I am in LOVE with movement.

Training: I practice yoga almost every day - maybe not by doing classical asanas, but by breathing, keeping my mindset and awareness.
Mindful Body became a very important part of my life and so the movements are my main training. I am an active person, so when I listen to music I love to dance (in my underwear).

Favourite food: I love food that looks good. Homemade meals prepared and served with love. I love my sweets and fruits but after a workout I prefer healthy meals to stay in the mindset of „my body, my temple“

Current Mantra: Breathe!
Ramona weiß
Background: All my life I was lucky to have a sporty body without doing anything about it. I did some acrobatic classes as a child and loved dancing, but everything stopped with the years as a teenager. When everybody started with yoga practice I also wanted to try it, but quickly lost patience because I wasn’t as stretched as I used to be. Only when my mum died did I come back to sports through MINDFUL BODY. I didn’t know this kind of class before.
MINDFUL BODY has changed ma view of sports. The feeling during classes was indescribable beautiful and for me an absolute game changer. I really began to unterstand what it means to be home on my body - to listen inside and show my truth.

Training: Sometimes Yoga, weekly MINDFUL BODY and everyday playing with my dog. I also do some meditations to train my mind and my soul, to focus on my own happiness.

Favourite food: Honestly I shouldn’t say that, but the pasta recipe from my mum is like heaven on earth. I am addicted to fruits and chips. Yes I love chips.

Current Mantra: Stop pretending to live twice. You only have this ONE life.

cornelia hermann
Body Shape, Barre
Background: ever since I was a child I am so into sports! I started with horse riding when I was 5 years old and became a semi-professional rider, after my horse retired I decided to try another sports and loved it!
I fell in love with gymnastics, track and field - running disciplines, skiing, hiking as high as I can and more!

Training: after school I started and completed the sports teacher education with a few specialisations, additional to that another training courses! sports science was a big part of. my education and I never stop to educate myself!
I love powerful and challenging training sessions, so are my classes, you got a big smile on your face after a good one!

Food: I LOVE FOOD! always fresh, healthy, vegan, in so many ways I love to eat - some days pasta!

Mantra: dance, sing, scream, cry, laugh, love, move - wild at heart and free in mind!
Ksenia Worthmann
Contemporary Kundalini Yoga, Breathwork
Background: Since I was a kid I was pulled by extraordinary states of consciousness, mystics, the questions who we are and what is the meaning of our existence? What I love most in my life is to be in the state of flow. To be connected to the magic inside, to unfolding senses, unlimited power and emotional freedom. To radiate this state of harmony and joy, to be able to create your own energetic medicine and healing and inspire others to be kinder to themselves and live their purpose and passion as one. This is what I teach uniting all the roads, traditions and personal experiences my soul led me through to learn and share. Come with me on this journey to the temple within, let’s celebrate the unknown, waiting to be discovered. And it’s juicy and fun!

Training: Kundalini Yoga (Level 1,2 and 3), tantra, holotropic breathing, mind and meditation, superhealth training, Yoga Nidra, ISTA school of temple arts, non-violent communication

Favourite Food: I love food, that brings pleasure and connects me to my senses- I love to eat with my fingers, when the food has an aesthetically brilliance and includes all the 5 tastes in it. I love spicy Thai food, but also creative experimental cooking

Mantra: the mistake is beautiful, If you don’t judge the pleasure it grows
If you don’t judge the suffering it diminishes
Background: When I was younger I spent every second of my free time in dance studios. No matter what my day was like and no matter what happened, as soon as I entered a dance studio, my thoughts were sorted and everything was forgotten. Somewhere along my dance journey I came in touch with yoga and completly fell in love with it. Yoga seemed to fill a missing peace within me. As I wanted to combine Yoga & Dance Elements I found Barre and ever since this is my favourite way of moving and my favourite style of movement to teach.

Training: Barre Teacher Training, Pre + Postnatal Barre Teacher Training, Certified Dance Coach, Vinyasa Yoga Teacher Training, Yin Yoga Teacher Training & many more to follow 😊

Food: I have to admit – I could eat French Fries all day every day!

Mantra: Ong Namo Guru Dev Namo
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