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Prenatal Online Program

Hello beautiful Mama and welcome to our prenatal movement & mindfulness journey,
carefully created to support you on your individual path into motherhood.
MINDFUL BODY, yoga, meditation and you.

I know this journey is not always easy, a rollercoaster of emotions filled with change, fear, excitement and joy.
Our carefully curated classes will help you reconnect with yourself and find strength and peace within.

Join me and connect with yourself and your baby in the most beautiful way.
You deserve to fully enjoy this magical journey of pregnancy.

What is our Prenatal Online Program?

This is a course, designed to help and support mothers to be on their individual pregnancy journey.
Let go of expectations and meet yourself where you are. Everyone's journey is different and that is ok.

Curated music, movement, emotional support and mindfulness, recorded in our professional studio brought into your home.
Listen, feel and connect.
In this course you are allowed to breathe, scream, cry, dance and embrace it all.

Let me be your yoga instructor, Mindful body teacher, physical trainer and mental & spiritual friend for your nine-month journey and beyond.

Your body is creating life!
Meet yourself where you are.
Your Instructor, teacher and guide:
Verena Stefenelli
Founder of MINDFUL BODY, Owner of Body Concept Vienna, Yoga Teacher, Mama and Wife.

Hi Mama to be,
if you are looking for a way to support yourself physically and mentally in a loving way through your pregnancy journey you are in the right place.

I created this program in the save space of my home while being pregnant with my second child. Collecting all the tools I found extremely helpful, encouraging and soothing during this amazing but also very emotional time.

From relaxing yoga classes to Mindful Body classes that make you feel strong and embodied again. Short Everyday Stretches if you are short on time, my favorite flows and mediations that bring you back in the here and now and let you connect with your baby, this beautiful little wonder growing inside of you.

Du kennst Verena aus...

The Content | What you Get

Welcome + Important infos
Everything you need to know to navigate this journey
4x Meditation
Trust & Connect with your Baby, Raise your Energy & Feel Good, Feel Save & Loved, Accept Change, let go of Fear
9x Yoga
9 Yoga Classes including Morning, Evening and Stretching Routine, Full Body Stretch, Feel Good Flow, Strength & Stability Flow, Gentle Slow Flow, Calm Down, Relax & Restore and Prepare for Birth
9 Mindful Body Classes that help you move through fear, strengthen your intuition, connect with your baby, embrace the new you, ground yourself when you feel overwhelmed and more
2x Talks
„Sexuality & Birth Talk“: With Sexologist Katharina Köberl
„Doula Birth Talk“: With Doula Sabrina Weiss
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