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MINDFUL BODY Experience + Teacher Training

For those, who want to dig a little bit deeper into the knowledge of your body, mind and soul and even start teaching it others in our studio. We have two formats of participation.
Spring Training 2022 FULLY BOOKED. Press the button, we will contact you and inform when the next starts
Once certified, Teachers of MINDFUL BODY are able to lead classes at our BCV locations.
To join the MINDFUL BODY TEACHER TRAINING you must have completed at least 15 MINDFUL BODY Classes and our MINDFUL BODY *Experience* Training. Please NOTE that there will be a separate application for the Teacher Training.
How to join

MINDFUL BODY Teacher Training

Not sure about joining or have any questions? Press the button and we will contact with!
In order to apply for our MINDFUL BODY Experience send us a short video telling us a little bit about yourself, why you love MINDFUL BODY and want to dive deeper into this field of self development.
26.03 - 27.03
19.03 - 20.03
05.03 - 06.03
19.02 - 20.02
05.02 - 06.02
How to join


09.04 - 10.04
16.04 - 17.04
23.04 - 24.04

What will we do?

Topics / Content

Timetable / Structure

Each weekend has an intention which makes a full circle of experience for the whole training. We will deepen the experience of practicing MINDFUL BODY, guided by a psychotherapist we will dive deeper into the topics we work on. Every weekend will be a unique experience.
We will move in extended classes, work with our breath, learn about our body and our mind. In a safe space we you will be guided to work with your emotions and transform your life. We will give you the tools to understand why MINDFUL BODY moves us or something within us and how we can work with it.
Emotions, Movement & Emotions, Anatomy, Breathwork, Awareness & Meditation
Extended Evening Class (Gong Bath, BW,..)
Study + Anatomy
Closing Circle
Exercise Practice
Study + Anatomy
Lunch Break
Morning Class (Extended Practice)
Morning Meditation
How can I be sure that it’s right for me and I will feel happier afterwards?
Have you ever tried a MB CLASS? …remember how you felt afterwards :) That’s how you can be sure.
Are you and your teachers vaccinated?
YES! Safety is very important to us.
Do I have to be vaccinated to participate?
2G + tested
How is the cancellation fee (COVID & restrictions)
If you have COVID and a medical certificate, you will get a full refund. If in case of another Lockdown, the training can’t happen we will find another date that works for all of us. If for some reason that doesn’t work for you, we will find another way, worst case scenario you can’t participate at all you will get a full refund. This is something good.
In order to become a teacher I have to be part of the experience and then apply for the TT?
Yes. If you want to become a teacher, you must complete the MINDFUL BODY Experience Training before you can apply for the MINDFUL BODY Advanced, a 6-Day intensive Teacher Training. Once certified, Teachers of MINDFUL BODY are able to lead classes at our BCV locations.
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